Perales Engineering, LLC is focused on environmentally conscientious
land development.

Our objective is to design sites that can accommodate the conceptual requirements of our clients by providing progressive and cost effective water quality and detention alternatives.

We are helping to pave the way with the design and construction of storm water treatment and detention methods allowing the site to be developed for its highest and best use.

The Perales Engineering team of design professionals is educated in an array of engineering disciplines, allowing for a conceptual design to be brought to reality.

Our commitment to the conscientious development of Austin and the surrounding hill country has helped us to cultivate strong relationships with the City and County Staff.

The Perales Engineering team has provided solutions to many complex problems. Explore the services below to learn more..




Water and Wastewater Utility Tap Plans

The Perales Engineering, LLC team have decades of combined utility design experience all around the City of Austin and surrounding areas and have a close relationship with the austinwater_logoAustin Water Utility review staff and know exactly what is required resulting in a timely plan approval for both private residences and public commercial properties.   Learn more…


Please contact our Utility Tap Plan Department for more information.


908 Nueces

New Low-rise located in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas!

We are very excited
to be working with Urban Foundry Architecture on a new low-rise condominium project located in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas., on the corner of Nueces Street & 10th Street.  More to come..





Rain gardens help protect nearby streams, conserve water, & reduce mosquitoes

On the surface, a rain garden contains the same wild flowers and other native plants you’d expect to see in any garden or landscaping.

But the difference runs deep. During a storm or shower, the rain garden soaks up a few inches of water runoff from a roof, driveway, or other paved surface.

That water slowly seeps into the ground instead of heading for the nearest storm drain.

Rain gardens can cut down on the amount of pollution reaching creeks and streams by up to 30%.

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